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Chase M. Webster

The Scoop

Chase Webster, a nerd out of Texas, spent his youth and much of his adulthood traveling the world in service to the U.S. Air Force. Though, his first novel, LA Fisher, only published in 2009, Chase considers himself a lifelong storyteller and entertainer. His passion for live performance has put him on stages from Albuquerque to Qatar and beyond novels he's written stories for theatre, stand-up, and the Shorthorn Newspaper. He resides in the Dallas metroplex with his wife, two daughters, and their lab/heeler Tibby.


April 3, 2009

In Chase's debut novel, LA Fisher, Michael Fisher sets out to California with his friends only to become involved with a team of cons and scam artists after his girlfriend leaves him for his best friend. When reunited almost a decade later, Fisher discovers his ex has been raising twins whom might, in fact, be his own - and while a life of crime has Michael living the California dream, his ex and former friend are living in squalor and depravity. With the help of his new cohorts, Michael devises a plan to save his children, even if it only means taking them from one of Los Angeles's seedy undersides and setting them right into another.

March 5, 2014

In Chase's second novel, a foot-tall sugar-addicted demon named Eat'em sells himself into slavery to the only person alive who can see him, Jacob Brook. Once Jacob realizes there's no getting rid of the pipsqueak demon, he begrudgingly drags his obnoxious sidekick on a journey to save Texas from a parasitic infection that threatens to bring about the apocalypse. The only problem, aside from keeping the avarice Eat'em satisfied, is that the police are hot on Jacob's back - one officer in particular, Herschel Thibodeaux Bellecroix, will stop at nothing until Jacob Brook is behind bars. 

Little Behemoth

Coming Summer 2018!

Coming this summer, Chase's third novel, Little Behemoth, follows Michigan native Charles Lamb as he travels cross country to find the source of the Lebanon Massacre, a mysterious tragedy that left over a hundred dead in a small town theater. Convinced the culprit is giant beast the likes nobody has ever seen before, Charles goes on the hunt and instead finds the massacre's only survivor. She looks like a  three-year old girl - in actuality she's a bioweapon developed by a paramilitary munitions organization. If they don't get her back, Charles might unleash her on the rest of Lebanon and possibly the world beyond.